UK Imprisons Soldier For 8 Years Over Thought Crime

The group of clowns who call themselves the UK state have thrown a man into prison for 8 years due to his racist beliefs.  According to the UK propaganda outlet The Independent, Lance Corporal Mikko Vehvilainen was sentenced to 8 years for making racially incentive comments on a Christian website and is accused of recruiting others to join a racist organization.

While it’s quite clear that Vehvilainen isn’t a very nice guy, and is extremely racist, it doesn’t change the fact that he had committed no act of violence, had not planned any acts of violence and was not accused of planning any acts of violence.

The Independent mentions he had “swastika flags, Nazi memorabilia, CDs of Third Reich music and stockpiles of knives, guns and other weaponry.” in his apartment, along with “a “crudely made device” which resembled a homemade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) – intended to disrupt electronic equipment. ”  – but he was not charged with weapons violations. From what I can gather about this guy, he was like a prepper who felt a race war was inevitable.

Vehvilainen was sentenced to 8 years in prison purely over his racist ideology.  All other claims by the UK government are unsubstantiated.  While this guy is certainly no angel, the fact remains he was jailed over his ideology and group membership, not for any acts of violence, or planned acts of violence, that he committed.

If I had to wager, they will probably stick him in an all Muslim prison like they did to Tommy, and then wait for the inmates to kill him so they can be rid of him without having to execute him themselves.  The UK is a racist ethno-state – of Muslims.

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