RooshV Banned From Instagram And His Bank Following Amazon Book Burning

If you’ve never heard of RooshV, he’s kind of like a mix between a pickup artist and a men’s rights activist.  The communists have defamed him as a misogynist for promoting masculinity and demanding that men set higher standards for themselves.  In light of this, his books have been burned by Amazon, he’s been deplatformed off of social media and now his bank dumped him right before he was scheduled to go on a speaking tour.

Eventually they will come for you too my dear readers.  Have you made any recent Facebook posts in support of Trump, the Second Amendment, free speech, mens rights, Christianity, pro-life, etc… etc..?  Because if you have, you might wake up fired from your job with a closed bank account one day.  The communists will not stop at RooshV, of that you can be sure.

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