14 Year Old Girl Unloads Better Than Louis CK

I just ran into this little girl’s YouTube channel the other day and was left damn near speechless.  This girl is singularly responsible for restoring a speck of hope in me that western civilization will continue beyond the 21st century.

To say her commentary is edgy would be a monumental understatement.  I can’t believe she hasn’t been banned off all social media for wrong-think already, so enjoy her videos while they last.  She is approaching a million subscribers, so her odds of being depersoned are increasing exponentially by the day.

She writes and produces her own content.  After hearing her for the first time, I thought for sure that her dad had to be making the scripts because she sounds like a middle aged man with triple doctorates in philosophy, economics and shit posting.

So sit back and enjoy the internet shit posting sensation that is Soph


Update:  Looks like the professionally offended over at BuzzFeed have picked up on the Soph phenomenon.  They just launched a smear campaign to get her account banned from YouTube.  The last message from Soph’s Twatter account indicated that YouTube had shutdown her ability to upload new videos.

Obviously we’ve come to expect this kind of behavior from the clowns over at YouTube; but not to worry, you can still get your Soph fix over at her new BitChute channel by the same name.

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