Babbel Drops Ads On Tucker, Decries Show As “Repugnant”

After being threatened by a democratic lynch mob that calls itself “Sleeping Giants”, the language learning company Babbel has declared its support for a socialist police state by ceasing all ads on Fox New’s show Tucker while decrying the show as “repugnant.”  I just thought you’d like to know this so you can avoid doing business with them in the future.

I find it fascinating that a company would willingly disavow the news show with the biggest adverting draw on cable because a handful of communist snowflakes complained.  I suspect the backlash from conservatives will be more damaging for Babbel than whatever nonsense the commies over at Sleeping Giants would have done.

The Washington Examiner reports:

One of Fox News’ advertisers announced that it is “blacklisting” Tucker Carlson’s nightly show.

Babbel, a subscription-based company that provides language learning software, said in a Tuesday tweet it did not intend its ad to run during Carlson’s show and issued an apology.

“If you saw our ad on Tucker Carlson’s show, you’re right to be upset. We are too. While we did place our ad with Fox, we did not know it would air on a show so repugnant and at odds with our mission and values. We are blacklisting the show going forward. We are deeply sorry,” the company said.

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Tim Pool provides some further commentary:

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