NZ Gestapo Begin Door to Door Confiscations – One Man Dead Already

The totalitarian hijab wearing NZ police have begun the process of raiding and caging anyone who dares possess tools deemed evil by the state.  NZ recently banned a slew of effective self-defense and hunting tools due to the Christchurch shooting.  The NZ Gestapo are now going door to door in search of banned self-defense tools, which caused one man to kill himself for fear that he might go to prison.

Neighbors are being encouraged to rat on neighbors, and social media is being monitored by the NZ bureaucrats for any possible wrong-think by their fellow citizens or images of banned tools, which will trigger immediate raids by the Gestapo.

The Truth About Guns reports:

According to members of New Zealand’s largest firearm forum, Kiwi police are starting to go to gun owners’ places of employment, homes, and even visiting gun ranges in an attempt to gather information and get gun owners to relinquish their firearms.

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