Gab Dissenter – A Global Web Commenting System Is LIVE!

For those of you who don’t know, Gab has created a web browser extension called Dissenter.  The extension creates a “comments section” on any web page on the internet that cannot be censored and is viewable by everyone running the Dissenter browser extension.

Update:  Dissenter is now available in the Chrome extensions web store here.  All you have to do is click install and it should install itself into Chrome automatically and put a little green “G” icon at the end of the URL bar that will allow you to access the extension.

If Google bans the extension from their store in the future (which is likely,) you’ll have to get the extension zip package directly from Dissenter and follow the directions below:

You need to download and unzip the browser extension from Dissenter, and then you need to manually navigate to chrome://extensions in the URL bar by physically copying and pasting that address into the URL field.  From there you need to turn on developer mode, which is just a toggle switch on the page, and then load the unzipped folder.  Pretty simple.

After you’ve installed Dissenter, just click the little green G icon by the URL bar to see comments on any web page.

At some point you may also get a pop-up warning from Chrome saying “You have extensions running in developer mode.  These may harm your computer.  Click here to disable.” – just close the pop-up window without clicking disable.

Get commenting now!


Include @BorkusA on a Dissenter comment to notify me of your post.
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