So You Want To Shit Post On My Site?

Did you hear who is getting a new comment section on their news site?

EveryoneAccording to NewsBusters:

Free speech social media site Gab is creating a program that will add a comment section to every website.

Gab is a free speech alternative to Twitter. It is creating a downloadable add-on that will attach a comment section to every website. This will make every article, video, tweet, product, and many more into platforms for open critique and debate.

The comments will be processed through Gab itself, which uses the U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment as its standard of moderation. This will be the site’s workaround to liberal websites that have  either removed comments section or heavily moderated it to silence critics.


For those of you who don’t know, Gab has created a web browser extension called Dissenter.  The extension creates a “comments section” on any web page on the internet that cannot be censored and is viewable by everyone running the Dissenter browser extension.

Get commenting now!

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