FBI Claims Proud Boys Are Extremists Because They Want Freedom

According to the Guardian, the FBI has decided to claim that the Proud Boys are an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism” because they hold the following views:

The document concludes that membership in the Proud Boys may constitute a violation of the Clark county sheriff’s department oath to support and protect the laws of the United States, since Proud Boys “members have been documented as having called for the closure of all prisons, the issuing of firearms to everyone, the legalization of all drugs, the deportation of all illegal immigrants and the shutdown of the government”.

Well if that’s what constitutes a white nationalist Nazi party these days, I guess I’m a Nazi.

I don’t see anything about white superiority in there, or promoting violence against minorities, or creating a socialist state, or centralizing government power under white men, or the superiority of males over females… so I’m still not quite sure how that makes them white supremacist chauvinist Nazis, but I guess anything right of Mao is considered a Nazi these days by our glorious leaders.

Oh, and when the Proud Boys claim they are Western chauvinists, that’s in reference to their patriotism.  It has nothing to do with sexism.

In fact, I think I’ll let a white supremacist sexist Nazi explain their positions for me:

Update, Gavin just quit:

In other news, here’s a petition to give Alex Jones a seat next to Jim Acosta in the White House Press Room.  You should definitely sign, even if it’s just for the pure entertainment value.


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