Amazon Wants You To Remain Involuntarily Celibate

They just banned a stack of Roosh V’s books, including his latest book Game that was on track to become a best seller. Roosh V basically writes gritty pickup-artist / self-help type content.  I’m not the biggest fan of his work, but it certainly doesn’t deserve the ban hammer.

The reason Amazon gave for the ban was that the books violated Amazon’s content guidelines, which vaguely state that you cannot sell “offensive content” which is defined as, “What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.”

Apparently Amazon finds books that help men attract women to be offensive, yet they have no problem selling books that detail pages of child anal rape or violent assaults against women.  I guess brutal violence is fine when it’s in a context that Amazon’s feminist SJW reviewers approve of.

Of course, Roosh’s books were banned because they helped empower men, not because they were offensive to the point of “what you would expect” a violation to consist of.  It’s a shame to see this kind of Fahrenheit 451 style nonsense taking place.  As far as I can tell, nothing can be done to stop it.


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