The YouTube Censoring of Stefan Molyneux

Update: YouTube took back the strikes and restored the account.

A few days ago I wrote post on the censoring of Alex Jones by social media platforms in which I said, “The communists in control of Big Tech have been ramping up to this for quite a while now.  Jones is simply the first of many that will eventually get deplatformed.  I’m certain people like Molyneux and Peterson are next to be in the cross-hairs.”

It looks like my assessment was correct.

A few hours ago, Stefan posted this message on Gab:

Stefan reads the same statement here and discusses the culture war taking place inside Big Tech with Alex Jones here.

You can tweet a message @TeamYouTube to complain here.

As I stated in my Jones post, conservatives and libertarians should already be off of the big platforms and on to, and where they will not be censored.  It’s important to get away from depending on communist controlled media platforms if conservatives are to stay informed.

I highly recommend getting a user account setup on all of those services before the rush to join them begins.


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