Communist Nut Job Professor Attacks SJW YouTube Critic

Campus Reform reports:

A popular critic of identity politics in gaming was physically assaulted last Thursday, allegedly by a Quinnipiac University gaming professor who previously vowed to “fight” those who disagreed with his social justice views.

According to multiple witness statements, Professor Matthew Fantastic Loter approached Youtuber Jeremy Hambly from behind at the Indianapolis bar Tin Roof, put Hambly in a headlock, repeatedly punched him, and yelled “I’m going to f***ing kill you.”

“It took four people to pry him off… then he punched a window and ran off.”

When Hambly fled to the inside of the bar, the witnesses say, another patron blocked Loter from following, whereupon Loter punched a glass window of the bar, breaking it.

Jeremy runs the YouTube channel TheQuartering – which is fast becoming my favorite talk channel.  If you haven’t heard him before, I highly recommend checking him out.  He tears apart SJW gaming articles on the regular.


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