54% of American Kids Have A Diagnosed Chronic Illness

Here’s the stats breakdown.  Pretty shocking stats.

Beth Lambert discusses the state of chronic illness among children in America today. Some researchers are projecting that autism will impact 1 in 2 kids, 80% of boys, by 2025.  If we go by more modest models looking at the 13% growth rate of autism and projecting it forward, you still end up with 1 in 4 children by 2033.

Lambert notes that autism effects boys 4 to 1 over girls, which leads her to wonder how many boys will be left that don’t have autism or a neuro-behavioral disorder to carry on our society.

Lambert suggests inflammatory diets as being the link that’s causing the rise in all of these chronic childhood illnesses.  Animal products are the primary driver of inflammation in our western diets.

Be sure to check out Dr. Michael Kalper, Dr. Garth Davis, and Dr. Michael Greger’s lectures as well.

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