Washington Post Says Vegan Websites Are Working For Putin

I can’t make this shit up.  The Washington Post came out with an article the other day where they referenced a list of web sites produced by an “anonymous” group of characters, claiming that the sites on the list are actually Russian operated propaganda outlets. The Intercept did a great write up on this here.

A few of the sites on “The List” are so ridiculous that it made me spit my coffee over my monitor from laughter after seeing them.  Of course, every libertarian site of note is on the list, which is to be expected from a publication like the WP, who’s so in bed with the CIA that even the Huffington Post has run articles about it.  What made me laugh the hardest though were the nutrition websites:

I can’t think of anything that promotes the credibility of these web sites more than being called agents of the Russian state by the WP.

Do you believe me now?

NutritionFacts.org is the premiere nutrition website on the web, run by a team of doctors and researchers, who review every single publication on nutrition that is released annually and summarize the most relevant information.  You can’t get any better nutrition information than NutritionFacts.org.  As far as I’m aware, there are absolutely no political articles on that site – every article is about nutrition.

Of course, NutritionFacts promotes a whole food plant based diet, which the people who sell us meat and garbage don’t particularly like.  Combined, the meat, dairy and processed food industry make up one of the largest, if not the largest, sector of the American economy – far bigger than big pharma.  Take a look at the graft involved.

It’s amazing to see the powers-that-be attacking this nutrition site on the front page of the Washington Post over their promotion of a whole foods plant based diet. I mean seriously – the Washington Post is declaring nutrition websites are actually agents of the Russian state!  What the hell is going on?

Update 12/4/16

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