What’s The Best Way To Fight Cancer Naturally? The Jonny Straws Project

Jonny tells us about his struggle with multiple stage IV cancers in this compelling emotional video.  Jonny has decided that he wants to fight his cancer to the end without further chemo treatments.  I can’t blame him for that.  However, I listened to all of the things Jonny was doing, and thought I’d throw in my two cents worth of advice for him.  I’ve studied this subject pretty extensively, and this is a summary of what I’ve found during the course of my research.

I originally posted this to the comments section of the video hoping that Jonny might see it and look into my recommendations, but I figured it’s worth sharing here as well.

I think there are some things Jonny could change that might be more beneficial in his fight against cancer. High dose vitamin supplements can actually cause cancer because they can drown out the receptors for other beneficial nutrients. We’ve seen this happen in several studies with supplemental antioxidants like vitamin E and beta carotene. The two obvious exceptions for supplements though are B12 and D, neither of which come from plants or animals. I would continue to supplement those vitamins.

While high dose hash oil is antitumorigenic, you can get nearly the same benefits without the side effects by taking high dose CBD oil instead. There are also other foods/herbs that are potent cancer fighters, like turmeric, garlic, cooked mushrooms, broccoli sprouts (when consumed with black pepper), oats, ground flax seeds and berries. Some foods have synergistic effects when consumed together. For example, the pepperine in black pepper massively boosts the uptake of sulforaphane found in sprouts, which is a very potent antitumorigenic agent.

Removing the fiber from the vegetables by juicing does not increase nutrient absorption. The gut wall is a highly tuned machine that regulates nutrient uptake. Further, many beneficial nutrients are created by gut bacteria. By removing the fiber, he’s altering his gut bacteria, which may further impact his nutrient uptake. Gut bacteria are our friends. Keep them happy by eating the fiber.

Eating fruits and vegetables is the best method of intake, but if you must drink them, you’re much better off blending them than juicing them, since blending keeps some of the fiber intact. Blending isn’t that great either though, because it reduces the length of the fiber chains, which causes problems for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

We know exercise and meditation can greatly boost immune function. When Ornish did his study showing a reversal of prostate cancer, he incorporated both of these things into his program. Ornish’s exercise program was low impact, but he should definitely keep working out as hard as he comfortably can. Exercise itself can be a form of meditation. Ornish also had group therapy sessions to help keep people’s spirits up.

He sounds like he needs to see therapist on a regular basis to help get rid of those toxic thoughts he’s complaining about having. One of the other things he should look into are near death experiences by people like Dr. Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani, Dr. Mary Neal, Dr. Lloyd Rudy, Dr. Pim Van Lommel, etc.. They will help give him peace of mind. Also, the philosophy of Alan Watts (lectures on YouTube) and Eckhart Tolle will greatly help with his state of mind.

Intermittent fasting has also been shown to have positive effects against cancer by starving the cancer cells of the glucose they need to function. This is another reason why a low fat whole food vegan diet works. The diet lowers serum blood sugar levels by removing intra-muscular fat deposits which keep blood sugar levels elevated. Lowering blood sugar is important to fighting cancer. PET scans actually detect cancer by looking for dense areas of glucose.

There’s also research showing antifungals and antibacterials can be potent cancer fighting agents. Cancer cells are living entities that behave in almost the same way as fungi or bacteria do. They can move, seek out food, multiply, and do all the things a single celled organism can do. In essence, cancer can be thought of as an infectious disease. If all else fails, it might be worth trying antifungal and antibiotic medications to see if they have any impact. However, these can also harm good bacteria since they are indiscriminate. I would try antifungals like Fluconazole first if I was him.

In fact, foods like hash/CBD oil and turmeric are antifungal/bacterial agents. Virtually every thing that is known to be antitumorigenic is also antifungal/bacterial. If it kills fungus and bacteria, it’s almost guaranteed to also kill cancer cells.

A program of a low fat whole food vegan diet with lots of berries, dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and spices, along with intermittent fasting, exercise, meditation, CBD oil and maintaining a positive mental attitude is about as good as it gets according to the research.

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