Flashback: 9/11 Firefighters Reveal Bombs Destroyed WTC lobby

R1: What happened?

FM1: There was an explosion.  We was in the lobby, and then *scrunch*, the whole lobby collapsed in on us.

R2: What was it like?

FM1: Horrible. It was horrible.

FM2: Like hell.

FM1: The whole building just collapsed on us… Inside the lobby.

R1: Was that a secondary explosion?

FM1: Yes it was.  Definitely a secondary explosion.  We was inside waiting to go upstairs, and on our way upstairs, the whole fucking thing blew.  It just collapsed on everybody inside the lobby.

R1: Someone took the first tower coming down, secondary explosion?

FM1: I don’t know about the first one, but the second one, it was terrible.  There was a third one too after that one.

R2: There was an explosion after that?

FM1: That’s right.  Everybody was inside the building, waiting to go upstairs.  And it just let loose, everything just let loose inside the building.

R1: So what you’re telling me is that there was a plane, or whatever,  hit the building, and then a secondary explosion.

FM1: It was like THREE explosions after that.  We came in there after the fire.  We came in there when the fire was going on already.  We was in the staging area inside the building.  Waiting to go upstairs.  Then there was a second explosion, and the whole lobby collapsed on the lobby inside.

R1: Just mayhem after that?

FM1: Just mayhem.  Everybody tried to work their way out.  A lot of people was trapped inside.

FM3: *unintelligible* I was near Brooklyn, we watched the first explosion.  As we were watching the buildings, I saw a black, very large airplane, fly right into the second building.  It came out of the south.  Right in front of our eyes.  It was so surreal, just like a movie set.

R1: Second and third explosions also right?

FM3: We were in the building for the third one, the collapse.  I was on this drive here for the other one.

FM2: People don’t understand, there may be more.  Any one of these fucking buildings could blow up.  This ain’t done yet.

R2: As far as disasters go, how does this?

FM1:  This is one of the top disasters, it could be no worse than this.  There could be nothing no more worse than this.  We in the building trying to help people and there was an explosion inside the buildings.  I don’t think it can get any worse than this.


Want to hear a few more firefighters?

How about a few more?

In fact, FDNY firefighters have actually released a new 2015 documentary on this subject from their perspective.  Here’s the trailer for it:

Here’s a FDNY Firefighter talking about what he saw that day:

Now watch this:

Hey, but why stop there?

Of course, the state would have you believe all of these people are fucking crazy.  Every last one of them.

If you want to learn why over 2,600 certified architects and engineers believe the towers were blown up in a controlled demolition, watch this documentary:

Support these brave engineers for speaking out and buy the DVD here.  After you get done watching that, take some time to watch this presentation on the 9/11 money trail.

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