Updated: Free Energy Is Here

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may know that I’ve been following a company called Black Light Power (recently renamed to Brilliant Light Power) for many years now.  I’m convinced they have found a novel source of energy that will make it possible to power the world with nearly free unlimited clean energy, using small decentralized generators.

Tomorrow, Brilliant Light has announced they will be holding a closed door demonstration of their latest prototype.  The device works by running a proprietary hydrated nickel powder through rotating electrodes.  When the slurry hits the electrodes, a current is run though it, causing it to explode into a brilliant blast of plasma, far brighter than the sun with the same spectrum as the sun.  This light is then captured by special solar cells that can produce more electricity than it takes to ignite the slurry.  The exploded powder is then rehydrated and recycled back into the system, meaning the only thing that actually gets burned up in the explosion is the water.

The technology they’ve come up with will revolutionize the way we live in more ways that I can even fathom.  With this technology, I think we’ll see people begin colonizing the oceans, living in remote locations, novel forms of transport and space travel, weather modification systems, etc.. etc..  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that oil prices have recently tanked to some of the lowest inflation adjusted levels we’ve ever seen.

It’s worth noting that Shelby Brewer, assistant secretary of nuclear energy under Reagan, and Michael H Jordan, chief executive of Electronic Data Systems, were on the board of BLP.  Michael H Jordan was the former CEO of PepsiCo, CBS, and Westinghouse.

Here’s a video showing a prototype of the detonator in action:

00057-Trimmed-No-Audio from Brilliant Light Power on Vimeo.

Update:  Here’s the January 28th 2016 presentation by Brilliant Light demonstrating their latest advancements:

Now, as exciting as Brilliant Light’s generator is, I find these guys to be even more impressive. This video was originally posted on their Facebook page, and then republished to YouTube by a random 3rd party:

NOCA is a commodities trading and development firm that dabbles in engineering concepts.  They recently released a video last week showing a fully functioning free energy generator that they’ve developed.  Their website doesn’t have a specific page for the generator yet, but if what they claim is true, it’s going to turn the world on it’s head.  Given that the claims are rather extreme, it remains to be seen if these guys are for real or not.  There’s just something odd about these guys, so I’m not holding my breath.  They claim they are selling them right now, but only in 5MW unit sizes and up, and only to non-retail entities, like power distributors and ship builders. PES claims they are charging $2.8M per megawatt.


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