My Blood Test Results After Two Months On A Vegan Diet

Update :  see the one year results here.

As you can see, I had a substantial reduction in risk factors after just 9 weeks of eating a low fat vegan diet and exercising 30 minutes a day 3 days a week.  These are fasting blood test results, taken after 12 hours without eating.  Look at my triglycerides!

I’m pleased to see my fasting glucose drop as well. This indicates increased insulin sensitivity.  My father has advanced type 2 diabetes – a disease he has chosen to live with.  Having type 2 diabetes is a choice.  It’s worth noting that I eat a mountain of carbs every day.  Carbs will not give you diabetes.  It’s not unusual for me to consume 2000 calories worth of rice or pasta alone in a day, never mind the pile of soy sauce, hummus and vegetable spreads I like to dump on top of it.  And that also leaves out my fruit based lunch and the oatmeal with syrup I eat for breakfast.

I average between 3000 to 3500 calories a day as a 6’2″ 39 year old male.  I currently weigh 198 @ 16.5% body fat.  I’m trying to get that down below 190, but I love to eat!

Even though my HDL numbers have remained unchanged, that’s actually a good thing.  HDL acts like a garbage collector picking up the junk in our arteries. If LDL is low, there’s less junk that needs to get cleaned up, so having less garbage trucks jamming the streets results in less traffic congestion.  Most tribal communities that consume a purely plant based diet have very low HDL numbers as well, so this is not uncommon among vegans.


Update :  see the latest results here.

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