NASA Confirms New EM Thruster Violates Laws Of Conservation

Wired reports:

Nasa is a major player in space science, so when a team from the agency this week presents evidence that “impossible” microwave thrusters seem to work, something strange is definitely going on. Either the results are completely wrong, or Nasa has confirmed a major breakthrough in space propulsion.

British scientist Roger Shawyer has been trying to interest people in his EmDrive for some years through his company SPR Ltd. Shawyer claims the EmDrive converts electric power into thrust, without the need for any propellant by bouncing microwaves around in a closed container. He has built a number of demonstration systems, but critics reject his relativity-based theory and insist that, according to the law of conservation of momentum, it cannot work.

US scientist, Guido Fetta, has built his own propellant-less microwave thruster, and managed to persuade Nasa to test it out. The test results were presented on July 30 at the 50th Joint Propulsion Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Astonishingly enough, they are positive.

The Nasa team based at the Johnson Space Centre gave its paper the title “Anomalous Thrust Production from an RF [radio frequency] Test Device Measured on a Low-Thrust Torsion Pendulum“.

NASA proposes that:

“Test results indicate that the RF resonant cavity thruster design, which is unique as an electric propulsion device, is producing a force that is not attributable to any classical electromagnetic phenomenon and therefore is potentially demonstrating an interaction with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma.”

The paper goes on to note that:

The resistive RF Load evaluation indicated no significant systemic cause for torsion pendulum displacement.  Based upon this observation, both test articles (slotted and unslotted) produced significant thrust in both orientations (forward and reverse).

So what they are saying is that a dummy test device (called the resistive RF load) produced no thrust, while two variations of the thruster design did in fact produce noticeable directional thrust.  The paper also details all of the steps they took to control the test environment so that external vibrations didn’t interfere with the testing equipment.  This means it is highly unlikely the observed forces are simply due to testing artifacts.

In any respect, this is yet ANOTHER proven violation of the so-called “laws” of physics. These “laws” are obviously not real laws at all. They are assumptions.

Here’s a few more violations:

NASA confirms low energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion) are a real phenomena.

AuburnUrbana Champagne, and Rowan University all confirm Blacklight Power’s process of energy production is real and violates conservation laws.

Engineering consulting firms TRC and AirKinetics confirm Solar Hydrogen Trends new hydrogen reactor violates conservation laws in its production of hydrogen. TRC’s validation report can be found here. AirKinetics’ summary report can be downloaded here. The full reports are available under NDA. SHT has also opened its reactor to testing by ANY qualified engineer who wishes to test it.

The people who still don’t believe in Blacklight are going to be in for a rude awakening. These guys are already dealing with major defense contractors, major solar distributors, and a host of other firms that are going to be cooperatively bringing this technology to market. Energy production is going to change. Soon.  Like in the next six months soon.  I just watched a representative of a major defense contractor give a presentation along side Mills at a Blacklight press conference.

Beyond the fact that Blacklight is going to revolutionize the energy industry, they are also going to revolutionize physics. Mills has created a system of quantum level physics based entirely on classical physics. His models are hyper-accurate, and they are the only models that can describe what is going on with their energy production. The defense contractor was openly saying Mills work was going to revolutionize all of science. I agree with him wholeheartedly.

What’s interesting is the guy who came up with this EM thruster device is claiming that it could potentially generate up to a ton of thrust per kilowatt of power consumed. If they could pull that off, interstellar spaceflight, flying cars, and a whole new Jetson’s world will become possible.

Consider that Blackight’s new device will be capable of providing tens of megawatts of power in a device that weighs less than a car. So put two and two together, and suddenly you have unlimited thrust and unlimited power to move anything anywhere. Imagine mobile homes that can hover in the air indefinitely and can “park” on top of Mt. Everest for a holiday.

In the near future, there will be no need for roads, no need for a power grid, and no need to mine the Earth for metals.  It has to be asked, at what point do state powers become irrelevant?  When airports and roads become antiquated, borders become meaningless.  Bitcoin, or a similar currency, will make state dominated money antiquated.  Technology is going to make the state irrelevant.

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