Famous Cardiac Surgeon’s Stories of Near Death Experiences in Surgery

Dr. Lloyd Rudy, a renown pioneer in cardiac surgery, discusses a case where a patient, who had been dead on the operating table for 20 minutes, miraculously returned to life without their intervention and then proceeded to describe all of the events that took place in the operating room after he had died on the table.

The DailyGrail further reports:

In January 2013 Dr. Amado-Cattaneo commented on the YouTube interview, stating that “Everything that Dr. Lloyd Rudy explained in this video is absolutely true. I was there with him doing this surgery. The patient fully recovered and what he said to us after the surgery is what he experienced”. When brought to the attention of NDE researchers Titus Rivas and Rudolf Smit, they contacted him to ask for more details about the case, and they have recently shared their discussion in the latest issue of the Journal of Near-Death Studies:

“This case happened some time late 1990s early 2000s… I did witness the entire case and everything that my partner Dr. Rudy explained in the video. I do not have a rational scientific explanation to explain this phenomenon. I do know that this happened. This patient had close to 20 minutes or more of no life, no physiologic life, no heart beat, no blood pressure, no respiratory function whatsoever and then he came back to life and told us what you heard on the video. He recovered fully.

…This was not a hoax, no way, this was as real as it gets. We were absolutely shocked that he would come back after 20 or more minutes, we had pronounced him dead on the operating room table and told the wife that he had died.

…we thought all along his description was quite accurate regarding things he said he saw or heard. Patients’ eyes are always shut during surgery, most of the time they are taped so they do not open since this can cause injury to the corneas.”

From this story we can surmise only one of two possibilities:

1. A famous cardiac surgeon, along with his entire medical staff and supporting doctors, decided to fabricate a story that could undermine their practice for no financial gain.


2. Consciousness is a fundamental component of the universe that is separate and distinct from the brain. That is to say, the brain does not create consciousness, but rather interprets and processes it, like a radio processes radio waves.

Numerous experiments support the second conclusion, including such famous lab experiments as the Double Slit Experiment and the Quantum Eraser Experiment. It is also supported logically by such thought experiments as the “Wingers Friend Thought Experiment.” It is further supported by the logical problem of “Strong Emergence,” whereby it is a violation of reductionist principles to assume that whole-brain activity can give rise to conscious experience, without it being able to be reduced down into its constituent parts.

If you believe in reductive materialism, then you must also believe that matter itself is conscious. Any other belief is a form of cognitive dissonance. 

The question of how consciousness arises is an enigma in quantum mechanics. The problem of how experience arises from inanimate matter is called the Quantum Mind-Body Problem. “Science” is no closer to solving this problem today than they were over 100 years ago when Einstein first proposed his theories. It is an “impossible” problem to solve, only if one assumes that matter creates experience.

The experiments show, and stories like this confirm, the primacy of consciousness. Matter is a byproduct of consciousness, not vice-versa. Because of these facts, it is a misguided notion to conclude that science and spiritually are fundamentally opposed to one another. They are integrated at the core of reality.


Listen to a Harvard trained neurosurgeon describe what happened to him after becoming brain-dead from a bacterial meningitis infection:

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