Gold Produced From Ground Up Beer Bottles

According to Blue Eagle Refiners Inc, they can produce up to 400oz of pure gold from 1 ton of empty beer bottles.  Their process and rate of gold production far exceeds the production rates of the best gold mines in terms of cost per unit of metal obtained.

Assuming these guys are legit, that pretty much puts the gold standard out of running contention for any future monetary system.  A large part of what makes gold worth so much is its rarity.  If it can be produced cheaper than nickle, say goodbye to its long term value.

Thank God we have Darkcoin.

Amazing Alchemical Gold Making Technology eclipses what is popularly known in science and produces gold from barren artificial seed ores under LENR conditions. Bottom line is the proof is in the metal and as a former sceptic myself I can appreciate that position. What has been surprising in sharing the development story is how many of these authoritative fools dismiss the possibility, without even looking at the data. Notwithstanding the objections from the conventional scientific perspective, we do in fact have a proven precious metal making technology, US Patent Pending, and we see an executable technology pathway to industrial smelter scale with precious metal production price points near that of Aluminum.

Kitco recently did an article on them here. Kitco is a HIGHLY REPUTABLE precious metals news website.

It’s also worth noting that this discovery undermines the standard model of cosmological element production.  However, it fits neatly within the framework of plasma cosmology.

Update 6/17/14:

Two days ago, Burger wrote, “While the Treveri due diligence dragged on we came to an JV funding agreement for $10.0 million with a Zurich based Nanotechnology leader(set to close in July). ” JV stands for joint venture.

I guess we will see who gets the last laugh.

Assuming the deal closes, he will have the funds needed to scale up his production process. Since he’s dealing with a nanotech firm, they probably have the R&D lab resources he needs at his disposal as well.

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