Plasma Cosmology & Electric Universe Theory

Some of you may have heard these terms used around the web before, but I’ll wager that most of you have not.  Frequent readers of this news site know that I’m a huge proponent of EU theory.  In this post I’ll try to give a brief overview of what the theory entails, and why you should support it.

Basically EU theory states the following:  The magnetic fields we see in space are created by ionized plasma which is electrically conductive.  Large electrical currents flow through space plasma, which can ultimately explain observations that are currently attributed to things such as black holes or dark matter.

EU theory does not accept “bending space” as a plausible explanation for observed cosmological phenomena, and instead relies on the known behavior of electrified plasma to explain observations.  The theory was originally put forth by Hannes Alfven, who won the Nobel Prize in plasma physics.

To get a better understanding of what plasma cosmology is all about, please watch this tutorial video.

The science behind plasma cosmology is much more “reality” based than standard cosmological theory.  Plasma cosmologists base their theories on laboratory observations of electrified plasma and then scale their observations up to galactic sizes.  This method allows them to test their theories against controlled lab experiments, which results in much more rational explanations being put forth.

If you would like to review a large collection of scientific papers put forth by plasma cosmologists, please check out this article I authored on the subject.


Libertarians should be particularly keen to take note of this cosmology given the massive waste of tax payer money on experiments that have continually proven to be worthless time and time again.  Plasma cosmology also offers alternative explanations for “global warming” based on solar activity.

Examples of mainstream experimental failure include:

Gravity Probe B fails to prove frame dragging

LIGO has never detected a gravitational wave

CDMS project has never detected any observational evidence of dark matter

Cepheid mass discrepancy problem

The WMAP Cold Spot

Deep Impact fails to prove dirty snowball model of comets

etc.. etc..

In much the same way Keynesian economics has subverted the science of economics, I believe Einsteinian relativity has subverted the science of cosmology.   It is time to apply the same logical rigor that libertarians use to analyse economics to the study of cosmology.   I can assure you that once you start digging into plasma cosmology, you will not look at space the same way ever again.  Plasma cosmology has overturned all of my previous beliefs in regards to cosmology and earth history.

Take some time, watch the video, read the articles, and decide for yourself what makes more sense – bending space or electrically conductive plasma.

Professor Donald Scott gives a lecture on plasma cosmology at the NASA Goddard Space Center:


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